Links on our site: Other Morris links:
  • Uptown's Yahoo Group: Archive of team email messages since 2001, etc. Must be a member of the list to access the group. Missing out? Apply to the Moose.
  • Midwest Morris Ale. The annual Memorial Day Weekend blowout. This year in St Louis, Missouri.
  • American Morris Newsletter.
  • Alphabetic List of Morris and Sword Sides. A catalog of teams that perform morris, sword and other related English performance-oriented folk dance styles.
  • Google Web Directory - Morris. A listing of all types of Morris by either page rank order or alphabetical order.
  • ABC Library of Morris Tunes. A large collection of morris tunes in ABC format.
  • Rich Holmes' Page. Rich maintains an excellent set of links to known morris sites worldwide, as well as some entertaining reading on various subjects. If you want to know about Morris dancing in general, follow Rich Holmes' link on the links page.
  • Twin Cities Morris pages. (Ted Hodapp) - Ted's site has info on MTM, Ramsey's Braggarts and Bells of the North, as well as several other local Brit-trad dance teams. His info on us is, well, a bit spotty, so don't believe everything you read.
  • Nine Daies Morris: One of our team members took part in the 2000 Nine Daies Wonder in England. Here's his recollections.