About Uptown-on-Calhoun

Uptown-on-Calhoun Morris is a performing dance team that is happy to entertain groups in the Twin Cities area. Kids like us because we are noisy and do a lot of jumping up and down. Adults like us because we're "cultural".

We dance both in our own unique style and in the English village traditions of Fieldtown and Adderbury. We dance Cotswold morris in the summer and Border morris in the first 6 months of winter. Music is generally accordion or whistle & drum. We occasionally have a Betty and a (somewhat phallic) hobby moose. A Betty is a traditional man-woman character, and the hobby is a kind of fanciful animal character that is also quite traditional. A lot of these characters date back long before Shakespeare (who put a lot of morris dancing in his plays), and their origins are obscure and much debate. Background information on morris dancing in general.

If you are looking for some entertainment, our prices are on a sliding scale. Basically, what you can afford. We like to do this. For a half-hour to hour performance, we generally charge $100. We once got paid in cucumbers, but prefer money, ice cream or beer.

If you are intrigued by us, and want to share the life of a morris dancer, email us. We're happy to meet new folks and teach them about dancing.